The KMI Charter

The Principles

Honesty and diligence - the truth will be told, promises will be kept, mistakes will be rectified.

The Objectives

Above all, this Charter seeks to ensure that customers of KMI members receive:

  • fair treatment and sincere advice
  • good value for their money
  • prompt and full hearing of any grievances
  • proper restitution if they are found to have been ill served.

All KMI members will sign their pledge to this Charter as a condition of membership. This pledge is a declaration of intent, and does not assume any legal status beyond the provisions of the KMI Constitution and Rules governing operations and memberships.

KMI Seal

KMI will produce and supply to members a registered KMI Seal design, in materials and sizes to be determined by the Executive Council.

The KMI Seal will be a symbol of business integrity and conduct, applicable to the corporate identity of the member company, and is neither intended nor allowed as a specific product standard.

Members will be entitled to display the KMI Seal at their premises, on their corporate documentation, on their advertising materials and in any other permanent or temporary site where their registered company title appears, at all times while they remain approved and fully paid-up members of the KMI.

The KMI Quality Seal remains, materially and at all times, the property of the KMI.

Member companies guarantee that if they cease to be members of the KMI, for any reason whatsoever, they will co-operate fully in the immediate removal of any and all KMI Seal identification from their premises, documentation, advertising material and any other location in which they have caused it to be placed, and will in no manner nor under any circumstances cause customers to believe that they are still members of the KMI or entitled to carry the KMI Seal.

Customers' Rights:

KMI members accept that the customer has a right to expect:

  • Sound advice as to his service repair-replacement or other purchase options that puts the customer’s best interests above the convenience or sales interests of the company.
  • Full and fair representation of the proficiency of personnel and quality of material that he is paying for.
  • All reasonable diligence in the performance of personnel, and absolute respect for the customer's property.
  • A reasonable assessment, in advance, of the duration and cost of work sanctioned by the customer.
  • All reasonable effort to ensure the time and cost estimates are adhered to and that any delays or cost over-runs are advised before they are incurred.
  • A full explanation for any time, cost, performance or materials standard with which the customer is not satisfied.
  • That the company will not offer, without a clear declaration in advance, any service which it is not equipped to provide to a good standard, and will not sell a product which it is not committed to support throughout its normal service life.
  • That the company exercises a responsible policy in matters of human safety, social conduct, and the environment.

Control Systems

The KMI will operate a system for assessing the merits of any customer-company dispute, and will give hearing and submit its findings to both parties.


Such findings shall be the considered opinion, based on available evidence and time/resources for investigation, of professionals committed to the principled and objectives of this Charter.

The findings will not constitute blame nor exoneration of either party beyond this status, and will not in any way usurp the individual rights or liabilities in law of either party.

The findings are intended to give both parties an independent, informed and fair-minded assessment of the dispute at hand.


Any customer who is not satisfied with the conduct of a member company will be obliged first to address his grievance to the member company itself.

If, and only when, a customer has failed to secure satisfaction from the company's formal channels of complaint, the customer will be entitled to submit his grievance to the KMI. The customer may be an individual or a company, including a KMI member company.

KMI Tribunal

Such grievances (whether of technical or other nature) will be heard by the KMI Tribunal, which will be the KMI Technical Committee unless otherwise specified by the KMI Executive Council.

  • The hearing and findings report of the Tribunal will be conducted free of charge to either party.
  • The KMI Tribunal will, at the earliest opportunity, give notice and hearing to both parties, and will have reasonable access to general materials and documents pertinent to the dispute.
  • The Tribunal will submit its findings equally to all parties to the dispute, and to the Executive Council for information.

The content and form of the findings shall be absolutely at the discretion of the Tribunal. Any subsequent action or recommendation shall be absolutely at the discretion of the Executive Council, as empowered under the KMI Constitution and Rules.

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