Jargon Busting

The most common meanings of terms often used in the motor industry:


Two-Wheel Drive. Only two of the vehicle’s wheels are connected to the drive train. 2WD systems may be FWD (Front Wheel Drive) where power is transmitted to front wheels only, or RWD (Rear Wheels Drive) where power is transmitted to the rear wheels only. Technically such vehicles are 4x2.


Four-Wheel Drive. Power can be transmitted to both front and rear wheels. In some designs a swelector gear allows the vehicle to be run in either 2WD or 4WD modes. Vehicles which are always in 4WD mode are known as “Permanent 4WD”. Technically such vehicles are 4 x 4.

6 x 4

When vehicles such as trucks and tractor units have more than four wheels, their drive configuration is defined by two numbers, the first indicating the number of  wheels on the tractor unit,  and the second denoting the number of driven wheels (connected to the transmission). 6 x2, 6x4, and 6 x 6 are the most common.


An item added to or used in a vehicle which is not essential to its full and proper function but which may enhance its performance, appearance, or other convenience or capability.


Demand for parts and service for vehicles which have already been sold and are in use.

Appointed Dealer

A company appointed by a distributor as part of its retail and/or service chain.


All-Wheel Drive. Any vehicle whose transmission system is designed to deliver driven power from the engine to any (and potentially all) of the wheels at any/all times (i.e. no wheel is ever completely disengaged from the drive train). These vehicles are also 4 x 4.


The complete dismantling of a vehicle or component, to assess its condition very precisely and restore it to good-as-new condition of performance and reliability.

Body Builder

A workshop specializing in the fabrication of new or converted bodywork for vehicles, especially commercial vehicles.


Dealerships which are wholly owned and operated by the distributor/main dealer.

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