Honda Setting up in Kenya

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Honda are setting up a new dealership in Kenya, with full sales, spares and service facilities.  Their model range will include the Brio, CR-V and Accord.

The operation will be run as a division within TransAfrica Motors (TAM), a Dubai-based industrial conglomerate that already represents four commercial vehicle franchises in Kenya, supported by Honda Motor South Africa.  Premises will be on Mombasa Road, Nairobi.  

Although Honda has not been formally represented in this market for the past seven years, there are several hundred existing owners in this country.  The new dealership will be geared to service these as well as new car buyers, and will have a special R&D department to optimize specifications for local conditions.

Honda motorcycles have been a leading brand in Kenya for many decades, and the marque’s cars were first introduced here with the 1500cc Civic in the late 1970s by Hugh Lionnet of Doughty Ltd, then part of the Marshalls Group.  They have since had other representatives, but this is the first time Honda Motor Company (Japan) itself has established an operation in East Africa, as part of its expansion plans for sub-Sahara.

Honda EA is currently building facilities,  recruiting, training and stocking. It expects to open its doors in early 2013.

Ali Zubedi , Managing Director of TAM, with Minoru Ikuta, General Manager of the Honda East Africa Office.

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