Above all, KMI provides its members with a forum for the exchange of important market and policy information and ideas, with the potential for co-ordinated representation and action where there is common interest.

By identifying key issues, establishing a consensus, and presenting a united position, KMI gives each member a stronger market intelligence resource, the synergy of subject "working groups", and a more powerful voice in policy advocacy and public understanding.

In addition to particular issues, the KMI generally represents and promotes the merits and interests of properly established investors, good standards of business conduct and high quality products, to the extent that membership confers a level of quality assurance and market stature.

Specific services include hotline communications on any urgent matter through the KMI Bureau; the preparation of authoritative reports, position papers and proposals; co-ordinated sector research; the most reliable and regular new vehicle sales statistics available in the market; the operation of the KMI Charter as a consumer protection system; the staging of a bi-annual motorshow (with priority booking and cost discounts for members); and a corporate promotion platform through membership listings and website linkages.

The KMI directly assists government and the administration by providing a hub of technical expertise and resource on all aspects of motor vehicles, the motor industry and the motor business, nationally and internationally, and equally challenges government and the administration where there are policy anomalies an/or unfair trading practices.

It is important to emphasise that the KMI does not usurp or replace individual company rights, responsibilities, autonomy or prerogatives in any of these respects; nor does it directly assist or obstruct individual marketing objectives. The KMI’s role is to act on the overall environment in which its members invest and operate, to co-ordinate their common interests, and to optimize the performance of the sector in harmony with and to the benefit of long-term national interests.

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